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B. = Building
O. = Opportunity
S. = Sustainable
S. = Systems


BOSS protocol works to lift people out of poverty in economically depressed communities through saving, investing, entrepreneurship and innovation. Our model is simple and cost-effective.

BOSS protocol one-year Graduation program provides first time investors and entrepreneurs whose business models aim to solve specific problems faced by their communities, an opportunity to earn seed capital, training and ongoing mentoring by local business mentors, entrepreneurs, and investment coaches.

Users on the StockBossUp platform receive BOSS coin for acquiring various badges throughout their investment journey. Each badge has a fixed BOSS coin value. The more badges a user collect, the more BOSS coin they accumulate.

BOSS protocol offers users access to investment courses, start-up capital, provide a safe place for learning to invest, and to build social capital. Integrated social entrepreneurship training ensures that new business activities promote social justice and equity without telling a BOSS what to do with his/her money. Examples of socially conscious businesses include CLEAN, Rap Snacks, Slutty Vegan, etc.

BOSS protocol mission is to onboard 100,000 new investors from underserved communities to our platform, and help 1000 new start-ups from these communities get off to a solid start by 2026. As we scale up and release our own soft/hard digital currency wallets to give our users the ability and capacity to bank themselves, we’re designing and testing pilots to improve our impact and efficiency.


We identify individuals who live in under-resourced communities, have no prior investment and or business experience, and are unable to provide for their family’s basic needs. We assess poverty levels through a community-based Participatory Wealth Ranking exercise and Grameen’s Progress Out of Poverty Index (PPI). Apart from this process, all users within the BOSS protocol ecosystem are eligible to earn BOSS coin, investment tools and rewards.


Our network of business and investment mentors deliver nine months of business and financial skills training designed for participants who have little formal education and assist them in forming small enterprises for the budding entrepreneur.


Users can form “Investor Saving Groups” (ISGs) and combine earned BOSS coin to be used for a partnership, joint venture, collective enterprise or investment club. The group option is only available to groups with an existing group within the StockBossUp app. ISGs are a self-generating, self-managed form of microfinance that allow members to pool savings, access loans, and invest together. ISGs provide members with ongoing support from a community, access to investment and business education as well as micro funding. Our Investment Savings Groups serve as a safety net as well as a community empowerment strategy.


To light the fire of entrepreneurship BOSS protocol provides $150 micro-grants as seed capital to start each business. These micro-grants serve to offset the cost of business registration filings, domain name acquisition, etc.


Business mentors guide each new group in selecting an enterprise that is best positioned to flourish, considering the team’s skill set, local market conditions, risk factors, and profitability. Emphasis is placed on finding a cause then backing into the development of a product, service or business-based solution.

Why Grants, Not Loans?
After nearly 30 years in the poverty-alleviation sector—including forays into both microfinance and unconditional cash transfers—we have honed a multi-faceted, integrated and highly cost-effective method that works best in under-resourced communities where populations are unbanked or underbanked. Key reasons for using grants include:
We work with vulnerable people who have never started a business.

A $150 micro-grant sparks the ingenuity of entrepreneurs who are willing to invest time and energy into improving their lives. Microloan repayments typically start immediately and don’t provide the critical “breathing space” needed to nurture a new business to success.

Entrepreneurship is by nature a high-risk activity.

Our first-time entrepreneurs are more willing to take the risk of starting a new business venture if they don’t fear the high costs of failure and further indebtedness or loss of meager assets potentially caused by a loan default.

A small seed grant, rather than a loan, gives business owners an immediate kick-start in improving their family’s standard of living.

Profits generated from their new enterprise can be used to address critical family needs (like food, medicine and school fees) and build capital and savings for their fledgling business, rather than to repay high-interest loans.

BOSS protocol focuses on the poorest of the poor. Most microloans don’t reach this population; micro-grants can. Micro-grants are the first rung on the economic ladder.

Where We BOSS UP

BOSS protocol currently focuses on under-resourced communities in the United States, where a lack of access to financial services has caused an insurmountable wealth gap. Without the ability to affordably save, invest, and insure themselves against risks, many families struggle to translate the income they earn into wealth. As International Monetary Fund Deputy Managing Director Mitsuhiro Furusawa stated, “Financial inclusion is the bridge between economic opportunity and outcomes.”

Fundamentally, improving financial inclusion would help address historical challenges and better equip families for today. Exclusionary policies and strategies, from limited access to federal mortgage lending to geographic barriers to physical bank branches, have hindered the economic well-being of millions of families. For example, nearly half of black households are unbanked or underbanked (“2017 FDIC national survey of unbanked and underbanked households,” FDIC, October 2018, fdic.gov.) —a disparity that, over the course of a financial lifetime, can cost nearly $40,000 in fees.

Come see where we work.

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, Poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”
Nelson Mandela

Team Members

Wise Intelligent
BossCoin Founder

Hip hop musician, President of the Rap Snacks Foundation, and a member of the 1990s rap group Poor Righteous Teachers who are pioneers of socially-conscious hip hop music. Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Blockchain supporter with MIT certification in Disruptive Blockchain Technology looking to leverage blockchain technology to serve communities underserved by financial establishments.


Chaster Johnson
BossCoin Founder

Previously an Aerospace Manager leading operation teams building jet wing assembly lines and quality teams inspecting jet engine turbine discs. Spent time managing cryptocurrency hedgefund portfolios before leading StockBossUp App


Conor Mills
BossCoin Technologist

Crypto Investor since 2015 that has managed various Blockchain and crypto mining projects. Crypto Hedge Fund analyst with experience in crypto trading and exchanges.


Seth Tenenbaum
BossCoin Community Leader

Ten years of Financial Services and Sales Experience. Spearheaded the development of StockBossUp App