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The Largest Draft on Earth

Today we released our new drafting system. you can draft anyone on the StockBossUp App, and since the app is free to anyone, you can draft anyone who joins. We've worked to crunch the numbers so that you can easily see who is an all-star investor, and who needs to be benched fast. We've focused our algorithms to pick stocks from your draft picks so your team portfolio is always up-to-date with your team's newest and best ideas.

Reading an Investor's Stats

Active? The most important metric to look at is if your investor is keeping an eye on their portfolio. If you see a moon icon, it means they may be asleep at the wheel. Draft investors who are checking in with their portfolio.

Diversified? We're here to build wealth, not get lucky. If a user has less than 10 stock picks, their portfolio is not diversified. With only a few stock picks, they may just have gotten lucky and they aren't prepared for a market correction. Beware of draft picks that don't have a diversified portfolio.

Volatility is a mathematically complex metric that I suggest you read about. But its VERY important to what our goals are which is to create wealth at scale. Find investors that have risk-managed portfolios, not high volatility. When investors have a risk-managed portfolio, they are transforming the stock market from a slot machine to a money machine.

APR stands for annualized percentage return. This allows every investor to be measured equally regardless if they started their portfolio 2 years ago or yesterday. If an investor can get the other metrics right, then choose the highest APR you can find.

Read what they are saying. This is absolutely important to assessing a draft pick. All of the stats above measure past performance. Reading what an investor posts will give you an assessment if they can keep pulling off a successful portfolio into the future.

Creating Wealth one Nudge at a Time

As an... experiment (a social experiment I guess), we've given everyone the ability to nudge their investment team. This could really be a bad idea, we have no idea, but here is why we wanted to try it. Markets fall - it's a part of investing. What we have seen is a lot of is panic selling. Panic and fomo (fear of missing out) are the easiest ways to donate money to the stock market. So the thought is that instead of panic selling, panic nudge your team instead. Its an experiment, we're trying things... we'll see what happens. We may chop this one quickly if it gets out of hand (or expand on it if it gets out of hand, don't know).

Watchlist and Live Data

We've incorporated a watchlist for both user portfolios and team portfolios. In the coming weeks, we will be incorporating live data more intimately into portfolio prices, stock charts, and buy/sells. We have gotten a lot of feed back that users want live data and we are listening.

A note about live data... the way the market is displayed to us by the media makes it seem like the stock market is a giant slot machine. I hate it so much. The amount of wealth more people could extract from the stock market is so substantial if people weren't made to feel like it's a big gamble. And live data is the worst. I felt like it promoted panic and fomo (it does). But I'm definitely wrong and understand that its vital to be up-to-date on the stock market. So, we've listened, and we are implementing live data throughout the app. All watchlist data is live as of now. We will be incorporating live data into portfolios and charts in the next couple of weeks.

A Focus on Wealth

As we continue to improve the app, fix bugs, and make everything faster, know that our top objective is wealth growth through knowledge. We've taken a road never taken. We've avoided the easy topics of the day and try to focus on continued wealth into the future. With my years in the financial world, I feel confident in hypothesizing that no other companies are interested in bring wealth to the masses. Some brokerages will claim that, but their bottom line is really connected to investors playing the slot machine. StockBossUp is looking the build wealth at scale. We believe we can accomplish it, and we are aligned to make that vision a reality.

You can invest and build wealth. Don't donate your money to the stock market.

Sound investments
don't happen alone

Find your crew, build teams, compete in VS MODE, and identify investment trends in our evergrowing investment ecosystem. You aren't on an island anymore, and our community is here to help you make informed decisions in a complex world.

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