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StockBossUp's Mission

StockBossUp is financial media 3.0. Our mission is to build user wealth using knowledge and technology. Content creators are the key to building this knowledge. In this article we'll share how content trends so that you can earn a share of our growing audience.

Trending and Amplification

When you post on StockBossUp, our platform scans your post for financial knowledge. If your post can grow wealth for all members, we'll amplify the reach of that content.


The investor drafting system is our key innovation to drive wealth through knowledge. Each member has a performance, diversity, risk-management, and activity metric. These drive our trending algorithm and all members can see each others' metrics.

When you get drafted, your stock ideas may be used to generate a portfolio for that user. As a reward for getting drafted, your content will be seen more by the user that drafted you and their network. Drafting is a key way members can amplify their viewership on the platform.

Quality Content

Quality content is a quick way to be amplified. StockBossUp trends articles that are clear and concise. Articles and posts trend more if they have enough content to back up a stock idea or add financial literacy.

Adding media like a YouTube video, linked articles, and images may help trend content.


StockBossUp trends content that users engage with. If a post has a conversation, we'll amplify that content. If a post gets a BossCoin tip or is quick added by another user, we'll increase the reach of the post.

Think of engagement as a multiplier. If a stock idea is showing performance potential, engagement multiplies content reach. Engagement is a multiplier for quality content about financial education also.

If a stock post shows a potential for risk and losses, engagement will have no effect on content reach.

Stock Picks

StockBossUp trends Stock ideas over other content. The algorithm considers how unique the stock idea is. Stock posts with low coverage will get more trending consideration. Stock picks in sectors with less coverage will also get more trending consideration.


A member gets a trending boost if their portfolio shows consistent annualized returns. Performance is measured by annualized return. Consistency is measured by risk-management metrics like Sharpe ratio and Sortino ratio.

BossCoin Boosts

BossCoin can be used to purchase 1000 impressions. It can be earned daily by writing content or getting a BossCoin tip.

BossCoin is an impression credit for content creators helping our mission. BossCoin amplifies posts on top of the amplification done by the StockBossUp algorithm.

BossCoin Earnings Schedule

We are already seeing heavy competition and use of BossCoin

BossCoin will have an "earning schedule". Over time BossCoin earnings will decrease. This schedule is still in works, but will likely occur quarterly. Impressions per BossCoin will increase as boost inventory continues to grow.

As inventory increases, the first uptick may be up to 1250 impressions fill inventory. Increases will be monitored quarterly as views continue to rise.


The top trending articles get 35 BOSS (35,000 impressions) daily. StockBossUp promotes long term investing. Stock analysis needs to be thorough to clearly argue for an investment that may be held for ten years. We give more BOSS for trending articles because long term investing requires thorough analysis


Top trending posts receive 1 BOSS daily. You can see which posts are trending on our explore page.


Members can receive 1 BOSS daily by mentoring on the platform. Our algorithm is looking for these attributes:

  • Answering member questions
  • Writing financial literacy (quality articles with financial literacy tags)
  • Likes on comments and content

Outside Amplification

Our audience is growing from search, social media, and our newsletters.

Search Engine Optimization

We've seen accelerating growth on search engines as more quality content is generated by our community. Search engine growth is our fastest growing avenue for new traffic.

Social Shares

Quality content from StockBossUp is getting shared on multiple social media platforms as open graph objects.

E-mail Newsletters

Our community is what makes StockBossUp great. We highlight content creators who deliver quality financial content.

The Bottom Line

StockBossUp has become the platform for content creators to shake up financial media. We are focused on real solutions to grow wealth at scale using knowledge and technology. Traffic is accelerating because as users wealth, personal finance, and financial literacy answers. Our content creators are answering, and we award them with an amplified voice on the platform.

Sound investments
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