What is the Purpose of StockBossUp BossCoin?

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We all have been there... Some troll just posted about an investment you can't miss out on! You invest just to find your money donated to the stock market. BossCoin is rewarded to members who post responsible and wealth-generating investment ideas. BossCoin is used to boost a member's post, allowing them to be viewed by a larger audience on and off the StockBossUp platform.

How to Use BossCoin

BossCoin is instrumental in the flow of new investment ideas. Here are three ways to use your earned BossCoin.

1. Boost Your Post

Want to grow your audience? Boost your post with BossCoin. One BOSS earns you 1000 impressions. After you have created a post, simply click the rocket ship icon at the top right corner of your post. You can see all your posts in the "My Profile" page when you login.

2. Give Tips

You can tip any post on the StockBossUp network. To tip a user, click the present icon on the bottom right hand corner of the member's post. Tipping a user gives them one BossCoin, which allows them to boost their posts for 1000 impressions.

3. Swap for other Cryptocurrencies

You can swap BossCoin for other cryptocurrencies on the DEcentralized eXchange Uniswap here. Due to high Ethereum gas prices, a minimum number of BOSS must be moved from the app to a wallet. Email info@stockbossup.com for more information.

How to Earn BossCoin

The key to earning BossCoin is helping others generate wealth. Build a solid portfolio and post indepth analysis and we'll reward you BossCoin.

3. Become a Mentor

You can earn BossCoin daily by answering questions asked by other members and sharing financial literacy. The more you share and help the more BOSS we give.

4. Write a Financial Article

You can earn up to 1000 BOSS a month writing financial articles. Yes, that is up to one million impressions a month. We are committed to providing the best financial expertise to our user base, so our top authors are eligible to earn more BOSS and hence more views for their efforts.

3. Get Drafted!

Create a winning portfolio and others on the app will draft you. Our top drafted investors earn BossCoin daily.

The Future of BossCoin

Warning: BossCoin is a commodity, defined as “a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type”. Below are future looking thoughts on BossCoin. When swapping for BossCoin, note that BOSS is not an ICO (initial coin offering). It is a commodity.

We have been very excited about the initial response to BossCoin. Post boosts in 2022 have been very healthy, showing a strong demand for boosting on the app. As boosting has been going up, so has inventory (number of views on the app). Due to both supply and demand going up, we don't see an immediate need to raise or lower the number of impressions per BOSS (1000 impressions). We are considering allowing the number of impressions to be determined "on float". This means we would automatically raise or lower impressions per BOSS based on the market. Currently, we are in a wait and see period and will conduct more analysis in Q2.

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